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What's happening right now at d'Art?

The Vault: 

The Vault is located in the d’Art Center’s new location in the NEON District. This one hundred and thirty two square foot exhibition space is a historical bank vault, and gives artists an opportunity to exhibit their work in a unique space in the heart of Norfolk Arts District (The NEON District). All styles and aesthetics are considered. D’Art Center will market the show through their social media and patron base, as well as provide invitational postcards/fliers. Commission on sales is 60% Artist, and 40% d’Art Center for juried shows in The Vault.

​Exhibit your work in a unique space in the heart of Norfolk’s Art District!

This specific solo show opportunity occurs during d'Arts Annual Juried Virginia College & University Student Art Exhibition, In Pursuit III, and is open to seniors needing to fulfill their senior show requirements. Contact to start the application process.

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In Pursuit is an open medium exhibition of original and unique 2D and 3D artworks from Virginia College and University Art Students. This exhibition will feature work in a variety of styles. This exhibition is open to ONLY Virginia College or University art students currently enrolled in the art program at their college or university.  

D’Art Center will have an in person public reception according to state COVID Guidelines, will do a FB Live of the reception awards, will upload the award video to YouTube, and will also list the exhibiting pieces for sale on the d’Art Center website. If you have a question about if your work qualifies, please email

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Mission and History

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Open Calls for Artists