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Edition: A National Juried Exhibition of Photography and Printmaking

Description: : Edition is an exhibition of photography and printmaking from across the country! Both printmaking and photography were developed with the same desire in mind: the desire to replicate reality with a permanent product, fill mass production needs and produce perfect editions. Over the years, people began to use both printmaking and photography for art. Artists developed many techniques and processes to manipulate photography and printmaking for their work, and today, many use digital methods as well. This exhibition will feature all forms of photography and printmaking including but not limited to:

Photography that does or does not involve transforming or altering a photograph using either digital or physical methods, such as long or double exposures, compositing, or digital software.

The fine art of printmaking in traditional methods such as screen printing, letterpress, relief, lithography, and intaglio.

D’Art Center will have an in person public reception according to state COVID Guidelines, will do a FB Live of the reception awards, will upload the award video to YouTube, and will also list the exhibiting pieces for sale on the d’Art Center website. If you have a question about if your work qualifies, please email

This is a juried exhibition, and it will be co-curated by gallery manager Amanda Bradley, and exhibition juror, John Miles Runner.

Juror Biography: John Miles Runner works make bold political statements. His interests lay in presenting the viewer with universal truths, in unexpected ways, prompting one to explore not only the works but the issues they present. 

Watch an Episode of The Curate Series on John Miles Runner here: 

“John Miles Runner thinks deeply when it comes to his artwork. His large screen prints, wood cut prints, and video installations are mainly inspired by socio-political issues. The ideas for his works revolve around the role of government in society and the sustainability of our choices.  For example, John was living in Japan with his wife and family during the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.  The tsunami caused, primarily, meltdowns at three reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The impact of what's been called the costliest natural disaster in world history, was the inspiration for many of John's artworks.”

View his work here:

Exhibition Information:

Exhibition dates:             Saturday, May 29th 2021 - Sunday,
 June 20th 2021                                              
Reception:                      Thursday, June 3rd 2021, 5:30 - 7:30pm