Coffee Painting

​Taught by Kelly Woodruff

Learn how to create a painting using espresso and coffee as your medium. Works are very similar to watercolors, but with a twist. Learn to achieve values and shapes in your work, manipulate the coffee on the page while creating art. 

One Day Workshop: December 1st, 10am- 1pm

$65 ​​Supplies Included, 15 and up

Figure Drawing

​Taught by Sarah Turner 

Join us for this 3 part class on traditional figure drawing! In this class, students will practice drawing the human figure exploring several different drawing techniques including contour and gesture. Students will also practice the secrets to body proportion for character design! Age 15 and Up. Intermediate to Advanced.

3 Day Class: January 10th, 17th, and 24th 5:30-7:30pm 

$129 ​​Supplies Not Included, 15 and up

Portrait Drawing

​Taught by Julie Mendoza

In Portraiture class we will be learning about the features of the head ( more specifically the face & it's measurements between the eye, nose, mouth, brows & ears.) After understanding how the head is put together ~which is the basis for all good portraiture~I will do a Introductory sketch to show how a Portrait is done. For the rest of workshop you will be working on your own portrait with some small segments of demos in between! Of course I will continue to offer help with suggestions and techniques along the way. By the end of day you will have a finished portrait and be amazed by what you’ve created. 

One Day Workshop: February 2nd, 10am- 4pm

$65 ​​Supplies Included, 15 and up

Ink Wash

​Taught by Julie Mendoza

 India Ink can be very interesting and fun & when used correctly can be used alot of the same ways as Watercolor. When learned techniques are applied  we get many of the same results as you would with watercolor and therefore is one of my favorites.We will be learning a value scale in which we will use in our finished piece as well as technique value & more! Each student is asked to bring a Photo to the workshop that they would like to paint.. Should be black & white & at least a 3 ×5 or larger.. Please make sure it's in focus .. 

One Day Workshop: January 19th, 10am- 4pm

$65 ​​Supplies Included, 15 and up

Enrollment for classes and workshops closes two days prior to the start date. Please enroll online. A $10.00 administrative fee is added for on-site registration at the d'Art Center. Bring your payment receipt the first day of class/the day of the workshop as proof of enrollment. 

Colored Pencil Drawing

​Taught by Dana Johnson

Take your colored-pencil drawings to the next level.
A workshop for participants ages 16 and up with basic drawing experience seeking to refine and expand their skills through guided practice.  Join us for this 2-session workshop during which participants will utilize colored pencils to create representational and abstract drawings.  Three-dimensional objects and photos will be provided for reference.  Instruction will be given in a participant-centered, supportive style.  Artists will bring their own pencils and paper (see recommended supplies list).  Come ready to create something brilliant.

2 Day Class: January 5th and 12th, 12-3pm 

$89 ​​Supplies Not Included, 16 and up

Oil Pastel Workshop

​Taught by Janice Gay Maker

Join artist Janice Gay Maker in this one day oil pastel workshop. 
Through demonstrating her methods of working in layers,
 students will explore the conversation between artist and material using color mixing & theory, blocking in value & composition while adding in & peeling back detail. 

One Day Workshop: January 19th, 10am- 3pm

$65 ​​Supplies Included, 15 and up

Smashbook Journaling

​Taught by Kelly Woodruff

Learn how to unleash your creative energy and turn a composition book into a work of art to be used for journaling. In this fun class you will create your journal, but also learn how to use it to inspire your inner self.

3 Day Class: January 10th, 17th, and 24th 5:30-7:30pm

$129 ​​Supplies Not Included, 15 and up