Anne May - Resident Artist - Studio #202 - Printmaking

   Growing up Anne was always fascinated by the artists in her family and their works. Creating something visual from an idea or feeling seemed quite magical to her, inspiring her to want to make things. But her interest in crafts and art was soon interrupted by college and her love of science. After receiving a biology degree from Virginia Tech, Anne developed a career as a scientist but along the way renewed her love of art in a drawing class which inspired her to continue until she couldn’t imagine being anythingbut an artist. While studying art at Tidewater Community College, she found a passion for printmaking with its diversity of processes and often fascinating outcomes. She continued her studies at Old Dominion University where she earned a fine art degree in 2003 and a few years later became a resident artist at the d’Art Center in Norfolk, Virginia where she continues to paint and make etchings and linocuts of her favorite subjects.
  Anne’s early experiences as a biologist and her love of the natural world have influenced her subject choices as much of her work reflects this in a realistic way with sometimes playful aspects added. Having a fondness for small creatures , she has included many birds and insects, especially butterflies, in her works, exploring their shapes, colors and textures Some of her works have been inspired by her many visits to Norfol Botanical Gardens.