Bailey Dwiggins - Resident Artist - Studio #102 - Painting

  Bailey Dwiggins, an Honors graduate of VCU School of Art, spent over 35 years in advertising and broadcasting as an Art Director and later as President/GM of Jefferson Pilot teleproductiions which produced national commercials and sports events for all the major TV networks. As an Art Director he received commendations for work he wrote and designed. Bailey’s activities included Board of Directors for both the Richmond and Charlotte Society of Communication Arts; and he has served as a judge for the Addy (advertising) Awards in a number of cities.
  Bailey’s approach to painting is described this way: “My paintings take shape through careful observation and decisive omission. Time, place and color inform the context of my ideas. As a colorist, I use the most essential elements to develop pictures that may seem easily understood, yet are, ironically, visually complex.”