"As an artist, my work is an ongoing journey of connecting to the world through the expression of painting. 

My passion for art was sparked 20 years ago at a Norfolk Parks and Recreation oil painting class, though the creative journey began many years ago in the doodles of my school notebook margins.  I have participated in several local art shows and exhibits and am an active member of a local professional art association. Over the past five years, I have cultivated my skills by taking studio art classes at Old Dominion University. Working primarily with oils on canvas, my subjects include portraits, still life and landscapes. I also enjoy experimenting with textures, mixed media, and expressive painting  styles. My hope is that you will connect with my paintings and share in my joy of art."

Contact: bettysuttonart@gmail.com 

Betty Sutton - Fine Art Painter

Closed Mondays, Open Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm, and Saturday and Sunday 11am - 6pm