Bob Postle – Associate – Photography

Most of my working life has been in radio and TV with brief interludes between gigs such as being hired by the phone company in San Francisco and a few years in management in Virginia Beach, VA (both drove me nuts). The radio time was in San Francisco during the late 60’s and early 70’s playing “alternative rock”. During this time, I worked for Tom Donahue as well as being a DJ at KMPX and KSAN. Tom would have me running around the Bay Area listening to groups that had contacted him. I took a few of these groups into recording sessions and then gave the results to him. Later on in the TV business, I spent many hours as a Technical Director doing live shows, a sitcom, soap opera and later on creating 2D motion graphics for news and show packages.   Later on I created 3D animation for the NASA children’s program, Connect. All this somehow relates to photography which is now a way to interpret the world I know.