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A non-profit community art center located in Norfolk's NEON District  ---  740 Boush St. Norfolk, VA 23510  ---  757-625-4211


“I was born in Washington D.C.,but grew up in the Northeast. I’ve had an interest in art my entire life but didn’t find a medium  that spoke to me until I found ceramics. I am a lifelong student of art but never felt the draw to participate until ceramics which has,  in turn, kindled my desire to learn techniques and methods from  all sorts of different mediums. My work with underglazes and colored porcelain was initially kindled from discussions with other artists and trying to adapt their techniques and tools to ceramics. I have been a student at the Art League in Alexandria, VA for over 10 years now which is where I make and fire the majority of my work. I’ve exhibited in student/faculty shows at the Art League and regularly exhibit my work at the Del Ray Artisans Gallery, also in Alexandria, VA.”

Contact: tom@ivpottery.com


One day, BWS Johnson had an epiphany: they were telling stories through flowers. Flowers are instantaneously approachable. Literal interpretation grows happily beside layered meanings. Scent has a chance to play a central role in this medium.Use of color and the interspersing of dried matter tricks patrons into questioning which flowers are natural and which have been enhanced. What is hiding underneath that foliage?

Tropical flora transport visitors and harmonize with architecture. They provide a starting point to ponder our climate, our toll on indigenous people and landscapes. Johnson encourages viewers to explore the alchemical. The cycle of the elements provides inspiration for many works.

Their work is routinely on display at the Del Ray Artisans Gallery<delrayartisans.org> in the north of our Commonwealth. One person's yard waste is often this artist's treasure. Luxury blooms are often spotted next to found objects within a composition. Flowers that a 
commercial florist would reject become focal points. Part of floristry's appeal is its impermanence. Our favourite flowers frequently fade fast. One must learn to let go.

Contact: brooke@bloomsofparadise.com

Brooke and Thomas Johnson - 
Ceramics and Flower Arrangements