Art as visual storytelling is the central intent of my illustrative fine art. A self-taught artist, I use mostly pen and ink combined with water-based paints such as watercolor, gouache, and acrylics on heavy-weight  papers. I incorporate subjects such as ambiguous human figures, nature, and animals  into surreal themes that viewers often describe as “personally nostalgic.” Born on a US Army base in 1976 (and raised in a very rural, densely populated area of south Alabama) I relocated to Norfolk, Virginia in October 2020. I have had a 
lifelong love of visual art, finding inspiration at a young age in the album covers of hard rock records and the graphic art and 
aesthetics of late 80’s skateboard culture. My art making however, would switch abruptly between 2003 and 2012 from merely a hobby and pastime into a cathartic coping mechanism, as I suffered through an almost overwhelming string of tragedies and loss. I only began making art full time and sharing my work publicly for the first time in late 2018, and now work daily to hone and improve my practice. I now create each piece deliberately from contemplation of specific issues or stories, most often derived from my own life experiences, memories, and emotions. My hope is that my artwork will connect with viewers on a deeply personal level and that they will find their own “stories” within it to comfort, encourage and inspire them. 

What is Your Story?


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