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Cyndi Brown is a native of Hampton Roads and lives in  Newport News, Virginia and studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University where she earned a BFA in art/theater.  She has studied with Charles Kello, James Warwick Jones, Brian Murphy, and portrait artist David Laffel.  She focuses on contemporary expression in abstract and plein air art using both acrylics and oil.  Capturing the spirit of an idea from musical expression, poetry, or prayer is a source of inspiration.  Being able to quiet the physical world and focus only on an expression or feeling of joy and insight can bring resolution and harmony into the world. Creating art that allows the viewer a pause from the stress and worries of their daily lives is timeless gift. 

Cyndi graduated with her MA from George Washington University in Education & Technology Leadership.

Cyndi Brown, Associate Member of d’Art Center, paints both traditional and abstract work. Her art work has appeared in Broom Street Gallery - NYC, JSL Fine Art Gallery, The Gallery on Merchants Square, Harbor Gallery - Hampton, Riverwalk Gallery - Portsmouth, the Courthouse Gallery - Yorktown, Stravitz Gallery - Virginia Beach, and The Charles Kello Gallery - Norfolk. Shows include Stockely Gardens, Norfolk Academy, Nansemond Academy, Charles H. Taylor, The Artist’s Gallery, The American Heart Association "Painted Hearts" Fund Raiser, and the Yorktown Art Show. Her work has also participated in the PFAC "Aftermath - 911" show. Ms. Brown has served on the Newport News Arts Commission and Cultural Alliance boards.


Cyndi Brown - Oil and Acrylics