"A native of Portsmouth and a  lifelong artist, I have dabbled amongst many mediums while searching for the one that brings me the most joy - until I discovered Fluid Arts! I began experimenting first with alcohol inks, which morphed over into Acrylic Pouring as I discovered this niche suited me best.  

I draw inspiration from my current mood, music, nature and even photos shared by friends from around the world of their  local graffiti, street views and tourist attractions. I prefer to work in a series, enjoying the way a collection can encapsulate a specific ideal or emotion.  
Texture is something I personally love and anytime I can experiment and incorporate that into my pieces during any stage of the process is a lot of fun. I’ve completed an entire series with a deeply cracked top layer, showing hints of another painting below; I think they’re beautiful in a flawed and unique way. I’m currently working with extra techniques - using watercolor paper, to add extra visual interest through “dips” as well as balloon stamping.  

I love the challenges of Acrylic Pouring, it’s not a simple medium. Much care and thought regarding paint densities, transparency/opaqueness as well as the desired final outcome are involved in the process from beginning to end."  

Contact: fluidartsbydeanna@gmail.com

Deanna Strother - Fluid Painting

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