"I am a mixed media artist. I like to experiment with acrylic mediums, fluid paints, inks, image transfers and various found objects to create collage elements to my work. Much of my inspiration comes from nature, music and animals. I like to do series to experiment with one image in different ways. I started doing art later in life, my early 50’s. Prior to that I expressed my inspiration with the written word and wrote poetry. Then something shifted, and I became obsessed with acrylics, alcohol inks, leaves, rocks, bottle tops and all manner of objects found in parks while walking my dog, Wiggles. I am also drawn to the surreal and abstract. My influences are abstract artists, such as Charles Seliger, whose work moved me and ignited my own inspiration to create art out of natural forms, but instead of using just paint I have enjoyed using found objects. One year I was obsessed with lichen, the way they grow on dead trees that have fallen in the park and the changes they make as the seasons change."

Diana Stone - Resident Artist - Studio #4 - Mixed Media