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A non-profit community art center located in Norfolk's NEON District  ---  740 Boush St. Norfolk, VA 23510  ---  757-625-4211

Janice Gay Maker - Oil Paints and Pastels

Bachelor Of Fine and Applied Arts in Painting
Massachusetts College of Art
Boston, Massachusetts

South Eastern Massachusetts University 
(U Mass Dartmouth)
Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Artist Janice Gay Maker is known for her use of color & patterns of light in creating her landscapes. Over the years working in oil paint, oil pastel and soft pastel, she has created lively, passionate vistas from observation in the natural landscape. “As my work has progressed my goal has been to create  an understanding with the viewer the places and objects in my paintings may not last forever. In our modern culture land is developed, trees will be removed, man wants to reorganize what nature has created. Nothing stays the same and we are becoming more removed from the beauty of nature.”

“Being a naturalist at heart, painting is the perfect vehicle by which to communicate my feelings and passions for the world around me. With over 40 years of painting experience, seeing the world through painters eyes is never ending for me, this is where my paintings begin. As an Artists I can’t help but have a constant internal conversation with my environmentanalyzing and translating what I see into a painting.”

“Much of this work reflects landscapes and urban scenes, “colorative” in nature. They convey a sense of peace, tranquility and mystery, a place where one may escape. Seldom does my  work confront the viewer, but welcomes them in.  There is a spirit in nature that touches our senses. It makes us feel whole...it makes us feel satisfied. The dawn and the dusk hours are particularly intriguing to me as this time presents its veil of mystery. Its colors like our impressions are continually changing from moment to moment. The intent of my work is to discover the soul of the subject. Here there is a past, present and future.” 

Contact: jgmakeart@me.com