Jewelry – Handcrafted and Upcycled

After freelancing for 30 years in the fields of advertising design & illustration, in 2012 my art & design background took a new direction… Jewelry… handcrafted & upcycled… using the best of materials: sterling silver, argentium, 14k gold filled, copper, brass…

In 2016 my love of design, drawing & painting focused on “the Signature collection”… designs I’ve created from start… hand cutting… be it brass copper (or sterling)… etch the hand-drawn design… then finish with filing, steelwool & seal the piece with fine layers of wax used in museums & art galleries around the world to preserve & protect artifacts… to the final presentation… each one-of-a-kind piece of art jewellery comes with its story… on cards that I’ve designed & handcut in my studio.

Jeanne Parker – Associate Artist - Jewelry