"As a kid, there was the Governor's Magnet School for the Arts. Getting older there were outdoor art shows/festivals, among them Stockley Gardens, Gosport, Artisans in the Park, the Boardwalk Art Show, and the Ocean View Art Show. There have been several small galleries, the most recent being the Charles Kello Gallery. As to awards etc, I have garnered a couple ribbons, a couple honorables, a surprise radio spot, placed third once and scored best in show once.

Like many artists I have been drawing for as far back as I can remember, with bitty horses on the inside liner pages of my books becoming herons almost as tall as me, currently... I have a bone deep, squishy love for mythology and folklore, these are perhaps my heaviest influences and it's a rare piece that doesn't hearken back to some old tale I've read. While drawing is my first love the advent of the masks were the logical next step for the things I want to portray, since I generally like my subjects to look back at the viewer.

For the most part I am a mixed media artist whose style swings from realistic to suggestive, though always recognizable. I love straightforward and clear imagery, pieces that can explain themselves right from the wall, or from a face, if that piece is a mask. I feel strongly that there is room and need today for the things our ancestors knew."

Jenn Hilliard - Associate - 2D/3D Mixed Media Artist