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John Hicks- Associate - Wood Artist

My art comes from two thoughts or questions. Will my art serve a purpose and how can I reproduce my vision with the materials that I work with and the skills that I have? I am constantly looking for and seeing things in every day life and processing those images into wooden objects with similar form, color or use. My inspiration comes from a long relationship with wood and what is hidden inside a piece of wood. I know exactly what each type of wood can do and what that wood will look like at the end. I have developed techniques to impose color onto the wood without hiding the intrinsic beauty of a piece of wood itself.

It is exciting to me to take a log or board that is basically unimpressive and apply my skills, based on a vision or inspiration, and turn that simple log or board into something beautiful, useful, and desirable. The fact that I create these mental images, organize the processes and utilize all of my skills to develop "ART", defines me as an artist.

Additionally, I like to share my skills and attributes with my children, grandchildren, and friends. I would like all of them to have the same satisfaction and pride that I enjoy when completing a piece of work.

Contact: awcbyjohn@gmail.com