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Jorge A. Saenz - Painting

Jorge uses thoughts, feelings and emotions to create his complex artwork. He relies on his architectural background to create his layered effect of shapes and color fluctuations. Each artwork carries thoughtful color compositions layered with translucent drips and a heavy use of Asemic writing.

His work is striking and will hold your attention with contrasting color temperatures and intriguing pattern plays. Jorge activates all spaces with organic patterns, some are electrical and masculine, while others are fiery and feminine.

He attributes his brush strokes and color uses to atmospheric changes in the weather. He has studied the works of De Kooning, Frankenthaler and Rothko to devise his own enigmatic style. 

Unapologetic about his abundant use of different mediums, he is in constant search of the right combination at his studio in Virginia Beach, Virginia where he can be found most days sketching and testing ideas for his work. He works on several pieces at the same time which aids him in completing works by applying new painting ideas throughout the process. The result is that his work is visually exciting, dramatic and powerful.