" I am a mixed media artist from Norfolk, VA with a passion for drawing and design. I enjoy the messy desks and sketches that develop into a ‘finished piece’. The artistic process is fascinating to me; I love how each person sees imagery differently and attaches their own emotion and memory. The beginning stages of artwork are the most exciting because you can see how the brain works to map out this imagery. With my artwork, I like to create a vessel for the viewer to see into my drawings and really get down to the bones of the work. 

 My ideas usually spark up when I see people that are interesting. I am a people watcher, but with good reason. My brain likes to map out how to draw everything, which stems from my long-term relationship with not liking to read. My mom is a librarian and always encouraged reading to the fullest. I eagerly avoided reading and got away with the ‘How-to-draw’ books in just about every subject; cars, animals, cartoons, dinosaurs and people. I thank my younger self every day for making that move!"

Contact: keriartco@gmail.com

Closed Mondays, Open Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm, and Saturday and Sunday 11am - 6pm

Keri Woodard - Mixed Media