I graduated in communication design from National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan 1973 where essentially I was  a pre-engineering student and in my early study aiming at architecture. However something else was destined to determine the future of my career predominantly in painting.

I, while being employed in various commercial organizations kept my passion in painting alive through  various paintings exhibitions on national and international levels.
Man is born with a unique and innate ability to create, rivaling more or less with nature itself.  Incidentally my inspirations were already cultivated by my interest in poetry and music of  the subcontinent.  I essentially don’t believe in the element of sensuality, seductive or provocation mainly associated with the female figure.

I apply paint using a variety of techniques like painting in wet ground, scraping, smearing and scratching while the pigments are wet. This creates an illusion of design and space.
I try most to bring out my innate sight and henceforth my expressions as these change with life and time.  I interact with my work, it talks to me and I listen to it. I dream of an untarnished beautiful life and in the pursuit of my dreams, I am confronted with both the base and sublime; love, beauty intoxicating fragrances as well as hate , duplicity and rank have a simultaneous existence in my work.

Muhammad "Zafar" Zafarullah - Resident Artist - Studio #7 - Painting