Rianna Chaney was born in Okinawa, Japan. Having to move often her love for travel grew tremendously.  Through her travels, she became intrigued with the arts of different cultures she visited.  Through her art education journey, she was open to trying different types of media, and naturally finding her passion in painting.  She successfully accomplishes each piece of work by keeping in mind each element of art and principles of design. 

"As an art student, I thrive to succeed everyone’s expectations. Advancing through each class by absorbing the techniques that each great educator provides for me. Through my art education journey, I found that painting with oils would be my expertise. I work hard to develop pieces that speak both to me and to others about the beauty that exists. I am inspired by the wonderful people, places, and things, that I surround myself throughout life. Surprising myself at the end of each piece I create, reflecting on the quality work that I have to offer."

Contact: rka293@email.vccs.edu

Rianna Chaney - Associate - Painting