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A non-profit community art center located in Norfolk's NEON District  ---  740 Boush St. Norfolk, VA 23510  ---  757-625-4211

Artist Biography:

Sarah Haddox is a Virginia born, University of Virginia educated, and worldwandering lover of Light. She does not know how to endure life without painting. While her creative interests are many, she is thrilled to be able towork in oil again especially in the beauty of Eastern Virginia. She is an artist, writer, and podcast host.

Artist Statement:

"I want a humble heart/ Oh, how I have so much to learn" lyrics by Jess Ray I try to return back to the natural state of play and delight of a child who is free. Through many years and moves, I've had several people pour into me, and I am grateful for that intentional encouragement. I taught myself to paint initially by watching Bob Ross and studying Van Gogh as a child; I deeply connected with the Impressionists' use of color and rhythm and learned to pay attention to the way the light dapples the leaves in the trees, reflects in the water while pretending to be a mermaid under the water of the pool, or dances on the flower petals of a particularly lush spring garden. I believe art is a way of paying attention and paying attention is a way to love. I believe art is a gift, and it must be shared. Once a friend told me that he saw my art as ‘joy in fellowship,’ and I am still learning what that means. It is a beautiful thing to meditate on as I create. I have much to learn and master in painting, but that is my next step in my creative journey, a dream I've had for many years. I'm interested in creating beautiful paintings that catch the Light that catches me. It's a captivating process to create colors and spend time learning to be free again. This sounds pretty lofty so I pray for humility in it all.”

Contact: sincerelysarahstudios@gmail.com 

Sarah Haddox - Oil Painting