Suzanne Jeffers - Associate - Photography

Suzanne Jeffers is a Virginia Beach resident who is inspired by the power and beauty of Nature. She photographs color, pattern, texture and synchronicity in coastal sunrises, rainbow water reflections and wildlife. Suzanne is grateful to share these magical moments captured while enjoying being outdoors. She invites you to look closely at each of the photos and "Find What's Hidden" as often you will see a special gift or message appearing within the image.  

Suzanne shares "Awakening Nature Photography" at the Old Beach Art Market during the year and participates in the Spiritual & Holistic Art Expo in Virginia Beach. Her art is displayed at Wells Therapeutics where she teaches qigong, a slow meditative movement stretch class. Suzanne is a Spiritual Mentor, Qigong Instructor, Mindfulness Coach and Holistic Health Guide. She is a Substitute teacher with the Virginia Beach Public Schools. Suzanne is from Atlanta and has two daughters.