Walter Hardy‚Äč - Resident Artist - Studio #5 - Painting, Mixed Media, and Printmaking

"My work is a contemporary examination of prevailing attitudes, conceptions, and occurrences and the rules that form our perceptions of art. 

 My creations seek to identify and release the tension between the way something initially looks and the way it reveals itself to me, as well as, the tension between its obvious meaning and the implications my signifying, interpretations, and reconstruction has revealed. In my process, I strive to see beyond the distractions of the obvious in my subjects, to reveal though inquiry, close engagement, and observation their willingness to be transformed, explaining the meanings lying just beneath their surfaces. 

My goal is to inspire all who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to question the obvious, to peel away at the prevailing notions in art and life, and to see the beauty in the dichotomy of rearranging the pieces."